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Here's what other members have said:
This is a fantastically useful website! Thanks so much for all you've done to create and maintain this excellent source of data. In just the first use, I've been able to identify significant differences in our parishioners, who are primarily in 2 different ZIP codes. Comparing info on both provided great insights into how we can deal more effectively and build our congregation. Thanks again. MM is a valuable resource for pastors and congregations to take an indepth look at themselves, the community and the world in which they live, having an impact on the way in which we live, serve and react to God's calling. It is my hope that the information obtained today will enable me to better serve and make disciples of Christ. Thank you, TM
How can I begin to thank you for the invaluable resources you offer? I am a young Senior Pastor of a small rural church in the Mountains of North Carolina. We are a vibrant contemporary fellowship that has already transitioned in style but not in structure. God began leading us through an organizational transition about 3 months ago. The census data and information you have provided will be a key element to presenting the need for change to our already committed staff and congregation. Praise God for the tools you've provided that will help us rebuild the church-ground up! With Sincere Thanks, NC
This site is chock full of fascinating data! I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring here, and I will recommend it to my colleagues and lay leaders! Thank you! CB
This is a fantastic tool - and a great idea. Thanks be to God for your willingness to share this across all denominations. The goal of all us is to grow God's church, and to bring more people to God's church. This is an invaluable tool for that effort. EC
I recently completed a series of workshops for four area [churches] concerning the needs of ministry in the post-modern age. The last workshop session was a reality check for the contexts of these four churches. Some "myths" taken for granted by the participants were expelled using the Link2Lead data. The information (zip code based) was given to their leaders after they took the "10 Question Quiz." My thanks to you for the concrete data to assist in their ministry and leadership development. SS
This is one of the most useful sites I've ever run across for church ministry. I hope lots of people use it. Your message is CRITICAL for the survival of the church and its relevance to the community. THANK YOU! EH
The information I have gleaned from this program in just the past hour has been very beneficial. I have felt an urgency the past several months to learn Spanish--looks like that is an "affirmative". I am really impressed with this resource for the church! DW
Fabulous information........great surveys...making me re-think! Am anxious to share your insights & data with our Church Life! DA
I want to thank you for the ILeadType test. I've often wondered what type of leader I really am. The results for me are both surprising and yet reassuring. I like the outcome. By the way -- [my type] is Poet. Since I also teach Communication Arts and Philosophy at an area college, this fits pretty well. Rev. Dr. GR
I have found the resources [at] helpful in ministry planning. I've read the reports about my zip code area, and certain things were very interesting. I found the faith items particularly helpful--i.e., what people in the area are looking for.  Also, I found helpful the information about average household income in our two zip code areas. This helped us in our stewardship planning. This type of information I find very helpful and appreciate PERCEPT making it available. Thank you. RS
...having input that was external to the community was of great assistance. I have some members who have lived here all of there lives, but, I have learned, do not always see or know just what the community really looks like, nor how it is composed. With MinistryMatch, I input the kinds of programs and activities we are offering and considering offering to the community/area. We learned that some of what we had "traditionally" assumed was wanted and needed turned out to be in the low or marginal on the want and request side based on your surveys. That was extremely helpful in stimulating discussion at a couple of our Church Council and committee meetings! [The tools that your provide] have been informative and valuable in looking at the ministries and services we do offer and plan to offer.Thank you for providing such a site. RC
The FirstView reports have been most helpful in conveying information about our area to my congregation. The 30-second Quiz, followed by the 10 Facts report have helped dispel our preconceptions about the people of our area. We are using the FirstView reports in our visioning process as we move toward a new ministry plan for our church. LK
The information in the Five Keys is what I have been experiencing in my sensing of what is going on in the small congregations in our small rural towns and congregations. Now I have some idea of what is going on and begin to seek ways to provide appropriate leadership in our little congregation. A very timely present to us. Thanks. APY
I'm a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership...and am very impressed with both the accurate resource work along with your more than reasonable pricing...the kingdom should be proud! I can't wait to get started with the process in our church and I will begin to use your model and company as a valuable resource in my consultant work as well. FG
MinistryMatch [is] an excellent tool for helping us evaluate our ministries as they relate to the community needs. Much of the information in the 10 Facts has also helped us see expected trends and perceived needs. The information on the growth of older adults helped us to focus on a new ministry for those folks. LB
My usage of Link2Lead has been extensive during our strategic planning process. It was extremely helpful in giving our leaders a crash-course in where they live. We have continued to use the resources to update our leaders.I believe Link2Lead can be incredibly positive in assisting district strategy committees in assessing successful congregations and potential places where ministries would likely meet with success. Thanks so much for the ministry you share with us as we seek to reach out to our communities...S
Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed looking at your site. Reading the Five Keys really got me excited -- my heart is still racing as I think of it!! Thanks to you, and to the denominational authorities who made this tool available. I will be coming back to download more information to use with my congregation. Rev. JJ
This is an incredible site! I have found it easy to use and the available information is very helpful.  Thank you for all the effort that has gone into this site. It was just what I needed! Sincerely, DR
Thank you for keeping me up to date with your new data. Your information has been very helpful for our Church as we look into a new ministry -- reaching out to the racial/ethnic population. We are in the process of forming, shaping and reshaping our congregation and community. Our hope is to embrace new faces, people of colors, diverse cultures and backgrounds and welcome them into our Church. So your data has been playing a big part in the interpretation of our ministry and in focusing our mission. Again, thank you for your fantastic work! May God continue to bless your ministry. Pastor Y.
I love your wonderful materials and I thank you for all of the information that we have been able to use. Pastor J.B.
I use your site regularly to get information on trends. I then use the information to stimulate conversation with the leadership group of our church. We are presently trying to redesign our outreach to the community and have been using the community profile information to supplement interviews with community leaders as a way of doing five year planning in the congregation. It's been most helpful. I've personally benefited from taking some of your leadership style quizzes, especially the one on how one deals with change. I share this information with the congregation through the newsletter and committee meetings so that they too can begin thinking about their styles of dealing with change. Thanks for your work. Rev. RW
Please continue with the good work. I have used the information our session acquired from your organization in order to prepare a year long new membership campaign. In addition, our youth, music, and missions committees have been given the information in order to consider it in developing a plan for 2002 programs. Thanks, EG
Thank you! All the data is extremely helpful. [Our] church here has been in serious decline for years and unfortunately the leadership/membership were unwilling to make the transitional changes necessary to meet the community. But in the last two years, some of those dynamics and perceptions have been changing..and we are in the midst of determining a new mission for our little church..we have already determined our vision "We at the P.S. United Methodist Church are a loving family of God committed to serving your community"..The complimentary data you have provided will help us tremendously at this beginning point of determining our first steps of strategizing for mission. The [FirstView] workshop will help introduce the data you provided in a non-threatening way to a group that is hesitant about the future. I am sincerely thankful that my District Superintendant passed onto me at a clergy meeting one of your postcards. I am hopeful that as we explore the opportunities and possibilities before us that in the future at some point we will utilize the fuller scope of your demographical material. Many, many thanks! Rev. DG
I am currently reading my way through 4 of the last five books reviewed in your site. I find them stimulating, thought provoking, and oriented toward helping folks in the local congregation get a handle on things. Your whole site and the information in it is a real help. As an interim pastor, I am continually looking for ways to enable congregations to make the transition to the next chapter in their history. You provide a wealth of ways to enable that. JZ
I find the Percept material to be invaluable to understanding the setting and needs to which we are called to minister...The Percept material helps me begin to learn about this new church and their unique needs. My new role is Minister of Community Development and Evangelism, so I will be working in the community a great deal. Of course, we are in a large metro area and draw from a much wider area than our zip code, but this sure gives me a starting place. Thanks for the help! KF
This is the first time I have visited your website and I have been truly blessed and helped with the information provided. We have just planted a church and hope to grow and meet the needs of our community. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the body of Christ. SW
"This is a great site. I've downloaded 10 Basic Facts on each of 4 zip codes that comprise our parish. I'll use those with the [board] and then bring FirstView after. The thumbnail is great and gives me immediate tools to use regularly with the leadership." CW
"GREAT SITE!!! The information contained on this site is wonderful. I know it will be very useful. Thank you." MM
"Thank you for developing a website that can help congregations get a grip on their community."  MB
"...we have been blessed by your reports on our local area--I am very impressed and your work has had an impact on even my little congregation. My people are amazed at such data available on such a specific, personal area. We try to review the reports as a reality check on what we are doing and what else we could be doing, so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! LL
"I've just started to harvest the fruits of, but even doing a run of the basic info on our zip code was fascinating. This is a great gift to us. Thanks." J
"I am so grateful to G. Marshall, of our diocesan office, who got all of us set up with you! I am more than grateful to Percept for this marvelous base of information & sources for more!" SP
"I love the Link2Lead site. I have already begun using it. In fact, I've downloaded a lot of information which I will share with my Long Range Planning Team this evening.
"...I'm glad we're doing this. Thanks for all you do."  JB
"Thanks, this is a great service and we're pushing it hard for our 111 churches in our two counties. Our District Superintendent is learning to get us away from maintenance and into mission. Your information is invaluable." RB
" is an excellent site. I have explored the areas of the website entitled "Myself, My World, and My Community." I found the questions on the "Myself" portion of the website to be insightful and accurate in identifying my strengths and my weaknesses as a leader. I was particularly impressed with the "My Community" portion of the website. Being a demographic enthusiast, it was like giving candy to a baby to explore the information. I downloaded and printed information about more than 20 zip code areas in the Muskogee District. I shared the website with the ministers in the district, and several of them have explored the website as well.
"...I would give this website an A+."  KP
"This is great. Praise the Lord for the dedicated people who created this service. Thanks to Sacramento Presbytery/PCUSA for buying the Vista2000 package that allows me to get into this information."  JD
Thank you so much for the insighful data and information you have presented. We are a small congregation stuggling with change,and adaptation-survival.I genuinely appreciate the materials made available to us on your web site and I feel quite strongly they will help us successfully re-shape and revitalize our congregation. Thank you, BHF