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"What are some ways other churches have
used the Ministry Area Profile (MAP)?"
  • Educating a new pastor or pastoral staff on the area.
  • Making decisions about hiring new pastoral staff.
  • Focusing evangelism efforts and strategizing outreach programs.
  • Targeting neighborhoods for different age group ministries.
  • Identifying needs to address in small group ministries.

  • Developing sermons, teaching and programs that are relevant to the needs and interests of people in the area.
  • Confirming or changing many of the costly decisions that have to be made with a building program.
  • Making long-range decisions about the church’s place in a changing community.
  • Choosing a new building site.
  • In support of a fund-raising campaign.
"Where does the information for the Ministry Area Profile (MAP) come from? Can we rely upon it?"
Percept has carefully selected and developed data sources with the highest reputation for reliability and accuracy. The information in your Ministry Area Profile originates from several sources, including the Census Bureau, Claritas, and Percept's own Ethos data base. Claritas is the leading demographic supplier in the country. They combine accurate GEOGRAPHIC data with CENSUS data and annual UPDATE data to provide an integrated demographic profile of any area in the U.S., from block level to national. Ethos data originates from the largest survey data base of religious attitudes and behaviors in the United States, exclusive to Percept, and only available in Percept information products.
"How should we select the appropriate InfoMaps to go with our MAP Reports?"
You should select InfoMap themes that relate to specific groups of people that you want to "pinpoint", or locate, within your total ministry area. In other words, the InfoMaps can show you locations within your area where there are concentrations of particular people. For instance, if you order the African-American InfoMap (#2), it will show the locations of the highest percentages of African-American households.

If you would prefer not to make any specific selections, simply leave the selection list unchanged and click "Next Step" at the top of the InfoMap Selection page. Ministry Area Profile Maker automatically includes a set of six InfoMaps that give you a good introduction and overview of your ministry area.

"How long does it take to receive our Ministry Area Profile (MAP) once we submit our order?"
With Ministry Area Profile Maker, from the time you click "Submit Order" to the time you receive an email with the links to download your 27-page report and six InfoMaps is usually less than 10 minutes!
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