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What some chuch leaders have said about
the Ministry Area Profile. . .
"In thirty years of business, I have never seen such a professional presentation of information."
"The information provided is really excellent—it's the best I know of."
"We had thought we were a retirement community and the Profile showed us there were many more people in many more age groups than we had anticipated. I would say the profile is definitely worth it, there is so much information there. . . we still haven't unpacked it all."
"As an example of how useful the information can be, the budgeted day-care center in our new building fund was controversial until the Profile showed us that 33% of the households in our area had children under five years old and 67% of the women worked!"
"The Profile has already proven useful, and we're just beginning with it. I've utilized some of the information in sermon illustrations. We've used it in our planning, in focusing on neighborhood trends. It's shown us the need for, and been helpful in developing a two-prong approach—to reach the growing young adult and singles population in our area as well as the large segment of senior citizens."
"The Ministry Area Profile has been helpful to us in two ways. One, it has helped us locate ourn new building site. We're a new church and have been in a rented facility. We're now buying land. Two, the Profile has helped us find the next step in reaching our community."
"As our community grows larger and more international, the Ministry Area Profile is helping us decide how to minister to a changing world."
"We're in the planning stages to improve our church. The Ministry Area Profile is giving us an expanded view of our area and showing us some things we didn't know. We're adjusting our plans using the Profile information—which by the way comes in a very neat package that's very easy to follow."