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Would you like to know how the programs your church offers match up to the interests of people living in your community?
If so, then click here to take the MinistryMatch survey. We will compare your program list to the likely church program preferences in your community and produce a complimentary MinistryMatch report.
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  See Results in a MinistryMatch report  
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  Want to know where our data comes from?
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What can you do with the MinistryMatch report?
Share the report with the rest of your leadership team and discuss the implications. Do you see potential opportunities? Does it appear that your community may have interest in a program or ministry that you do not currently offer? Or, perhaps you have a ministry which does not appear to address the interests of your community. What are the long-term implications of that?
Can we get the numbers behind MinistryMatch?
MinistryMatch is designed as a discussion starter. If you are interested in the actual community preference figures for your area as well as the national average benchmarks, these are available in a Context report or a Ministry Area Profile. If you are interested in a self-guided process designed to assist you in assessing your program offerings and implementing a long-range plan, please see our ReVision product.
Click here to learn more about ReVision.