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What some chuch leaders have said about the ReVision process. . .
"One of the most interesting outcomes of the ReVision process was that our vision statement was directed toward the community and not toward the church."
"We’re more optimistic and more positive about the future of our church than we have been in a long time."
"ReVision is well put together and does professionally for church members what they could not do on their own. . ."
"We used to have planning meetings and go to retreats and just sit and fill up boxes on the calendar… that’s not what this is. This is an identification of your reason for being and then once you arrive at that, what are you going to do about it, based on the Bible’s instructions and what God has for you to do."
"It’s occurred to me that we really are a church for others rather than a church for ourselves and that our vision really is a community whole and fully alive in Christ. A year ago we were a church “internal” and now we’re a church “external”."
"I’m amazed at the congregational response. . . it’s going great and we’re going right ahead. I think the main thing that I was surprised about is how involved the congregation itself has been."
"We’ve stopped being a group of people who murmur, grumble and complain. But the biggest change in a year has been that there’s electricity in the group, the anticipation of something positive that’s going to happen… is happening already."
"ReVision focused us to get together, young and old, working together. It helped get our 'arrows' to head in the same direction. It was a blessing"
"People who were in the small reflection groups now want to keep those
groups goingl"
"ReVision is a good tool to help catch the vision and move quickly when ministry opportunities are in your midst."