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First, we need to determine if your regional body is part of the Percept client family. The first step is to click on the scroll box below to select your denomination. Once you've clicked on your denomination, then proceed to step 2 and click on your regional body.
Step 1. Select Your Denomination
(you may need to scroll to see all denominations in the list)
Step 2. Select Your Regional Body
If your denomination or regional body is not listed, please read the following: is only accessible by local congregations who are part of a regional body that is an active Percept Vista client. Vista clients sponsor memberships for their local congregational leaders and receive very significant discounts on products and services. If you don't find your denomination or your regional body on the menus above, please let your denominational leadership know that you are interested in and ask them to consider becoming a Percept Vista client. You can also click on the Feedback link at the top of the screen and let us know about your situation. We may be able to assist you in contacting the correct individual(s) within your region and getting the process moving.