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During times of great change, it is impossible for you or any other individual leader to meet all the expectations and demands placed on you. Leading a congregation requires divergent gifts and skills all functioning together. This makes it all the more critical to be aware of each leader's strengths and passions as you seek to develop a coordinated leadership team for the future.


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Would you like to learn more about your Leadership Type and how it relates to leading a congregation into the future?
If so, iLeadType is a brief survey that will present you with a number of statements and ask you to choose statements that are closest to your personal preference. When you're finished, you'll learn your primary and secondary Leadership Types and implications for your role as a leader.
There are 30 pairs of statements organized in six screens. Read each pair of statements and then identify the statement you prefer the most and whether your preference is slight or strong. In most cases, you will probably find that you agree with both statements, but force yourself to choose one which you feel stronger agreement with. Keep in mind that choosing one statement does not mean you disagree with the other.

When you have answered all the questions on the screen click Next to move to the next screen. On the final screen, click Done.