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If you're uncomfortable with people
swearing and drinking, then maybe
you haven't hung around enough
swearing and drinking people.
Kevin Chobot, Lay Leader
  CHURCH (click link for website)  
  CrossRoads Church at Westfield  
  LOCATION (click link for demographic summary)  
  Westfield, IN 46074  
  REGIONAL BODY (click link for website)  
  Whitewater Valley Presbytery  
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  Welcome Back, Kevin  
Recent church plant with alternative style ministry
Regional and local demographics helped locate
Young pastor developing leaders of high commitment
Congregation of previously Dechurched (85%) and Unchurched (15%)-- predominantly GenX
Round tables and open
worship setting in elementary school
Contemporary media-enhanced worship with band of local musicians
Recruiting other Presbyterian churches for Mission trips and local helping ministries
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l Welcome Back, Kevin l
MUST LOVE GOD AND BASKETBALL. That's how the classified ad read. It was enough to pique the interest of the young North Carolina minister, who after years serving as Associate Pastor of a large Presbyterian church in Wilmington, had become restless. Months later Rev. Eric Lohe found himself in Indiana where, after answering the call to move his family to the small town of Westfield, he would begin his pastorate of the fledging CrossRoads Church.

Since the Presbytery already had a number of really good traditional churches, they were looking for an alternative that might attract people who wouldn't go to a "normal" church. Lohe, who had already been doing work on how to attract the unchurched to a body of faith in his North Carolina church, felt drawn to this new church start for that very reason. As it turned out, it was not the unchurched, but the dechurched that Lohe's ministry would end up attracting. Today over 85% of his church are made up of these folks—with the other 15% being either the formerly unchurched or transplanted from another church.

"The people who have had church experience, but have largely had a
bad experience in some way—these are who were attracted to our ministry and who we are now seeking to serve, " says Lohe. "Our members come from across all denominational lines—Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran—we get them all," says Lohe. "And what our mission has been is to help those people understand why—the experience they had, why they had it and how God can help them heal and help them move on from that." And moving on is just what dechurched members like Kevin Chobot and Tom and Sherry Goins have done—in some amazing ways. . . THERE'S MORE!

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